Hey, I'm Taine.

I'm a Full Stack Developer

Tranistioning from being a photographer to becoming a fullstack developer I now channel my creative energy into crafting innovative software solutions. From building and scaling software over the last two years, my journey has taken me from New Zealand to London. Let's connect and create something remarkable together!


Hey! I'm Taine, if you haven't already gathered that by now. I'm a photographer turned software engineer from Wellington, New Zealand. I specialize in frontend, primarily with React, but love the freedom of having a toolkit that spans the stack. I love building with whatever tools are right for the job.

Currently, I am fully immersed in the world of full-stack development. Working as a full-stack developer at AskYourTeam, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with a talented team, tackle complex projects, and deliver innovative solutions. This role has allowed me to continually expand my technical expertise while honing my ability to create efficient, scalable, and user-friendly software applications.

Outside of work, I remain deeply connected to my passion for photography. I continue to explore the world of visual storytelling through editorial and documentary photography. This involvement in the photography scene provides me with a fresh perspective and fuels my creative spirit. It also enables me to bring a unique vision to my work as a developer, infusing it with an artistic sensibility and a keen eye for detail.

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An image of the Mock Twitter project.

Mock Twitter

React - MongoDB - MUI - Redux - JWT - Node - Express

A full stack social media app. Users can browse timelines, profiles, add / remove friends, comment on posts and create their own post supporting image upload Learn more >

An image of the GPT chat room project.

GPT chat room

React - Redux - Node - Express - OpenAI - chatEngine.io

The Chat Room app is a user-friendly platform that enables real-time communication and collaboration. Users can create and join chat rooms, exchange messages, upload and send images, manage user access, and utilize an AI bot powered by the OpenAI API to enhance conversations and productivity. Learn more >


Jan 2022 - Present
Full Stack developer
Wellington / London

Developed robust features, improved performance, and optimized user experience using React, Redux, and Ruby APIs. Implemented automated testing, maintained internal React library, and actively contributed to code reviews for enhanced code quality.

Dev Academy Aotearoa
2021 - 2021
Full Stack developer student

Hands-on experience in full-stack web development with JavaScript, React, Express, and Node.js. Proficient in software development best practices, version control, agile methodologies, and testing frameworks. Proactive learner, collaborating effectively and honing problem-solving skills



Shoot me an email if you want to connect! You can also find me on Linkedin